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About us

About us

We Have Engineered & Integrated Ourselves Accordingly On All Fronts Like Product Designing, Import Substitution, Mass Production etc.

About us

We Have Engineered & Integrated Ourselves Accordingly On All Fronts

Since 2000 Powerinst has helped power the electrical and switchgear industry with world class quality and reliable product and services. The core value “Customer First” has been an integral part of Powerinst culture to achieve excellence in each & every point of contact with our customers right from development , production upto delivery. Well equipped production is backed by extensive design and production testing in accordance with & often exceeding industry standards. Even more important is the proven performance and assured reliability that only comes over time.

We are Proud to say that we are a "customer driven company" and we have engineered and integrated ourselves accordingly on all fronts like Product Designing, Import Substitution, Mass Production etc.

Powerinst, with an ever present commitment to customer enjoys a reputation for quality products & superior service. It is this commitment which has kept us ahead of a changing industry and one which will allow us to power the switchgear industry for many years to come

Years of


To become one stop solution for Switchgear manufacturers for electrical & electronic products with top line of 51Cr. by 2020

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Core Value

Customer first, Continual improvement, Commitment to work, Personal bonding.

Core Purpose

All efforts are to built sustainable and growing organization with satisfied co-owners

Company History

  • 2000

    Powerinst was Launched

    Manufacturing of Current Transformers For Energy Meters

  • 2001

    Launched Transformers and Chokes

    Manufacturing of Voltage Transformers and Chokes

  • 2002

    LR Coils

    Development and Manufacturing of LR Coils

  • 2003

    25 KVA

    3Φ Transformers Up to 25 KVA

  • 2004

    Electro Magnetic Sub Assemblies

    Development of Electro Magnetic Sub Assemblies used in MV - HV Switchgear

  • 2005

    Solenoid Coil Assemblies

    Development of Solenoid Coil Assemblies

  • 2006

    Analog Meter Coils

    Manufacturing of Analog Meter Coils

  • 2008

    Import Substitution

    2008 - 09 Import Substitution of Magneto Electric Sub Assembly

  • 2010

    Win Best Supplier Award

    Best Supplier Award from Crompton Greaves Ltd. for year 2009-10

About us



Line of Toroidal Winding Machines

Winding core of 15 to 150 mm inner dia, Wire Winding 0.05 to 2.1mm


Line of Liner Winding Machines

Multifunctional microprocessor based machine


Pressure gelation machine


  • AC / DC power Supply
  • Surge / Impulse tester
  • Watt Loss Measurement meter
  • LCR Meter
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Phase Shift measuring equipment
  • Oscilloscope
  • DC voltage source
  • Gauss Meter
  • Linear coil Turn Tester
  • Toroidal Coil Turn Tester
  • Pin hole tester
  • Watt Loss Measurement meter
  • Cut through tester
  • Brake down tester
  • Spring back and elongation taster
  • AC voltage source for high current appliation
  • Current transformer Polarity testing equipment
  • Push type and pull type force measuring equipment
  • Current transformer test bridge, Burden boxes & Standard CTs