Voltage Presence Indicators

VPIS (Voltage Presence Indicating System) is a device to indicate High Voltage Presence in the system. The purpose of VPIS is permanent monitoring of all 3 phase line voltage. presence of voltage indicates the operator about the voltage condition of the mains circuit of the switchgear system.

Flashing Neon Lamp/LED ensures a bright red signal of individual phase presence. This system must be capacitively connected to mains circuit is primary capacitance within the range required. The clear voltage presence complies with IEC 61958 in nominal voltage range. The device is intended to be used for internal application

Features :

Build in test point L1, L2, L3, are to determine phase sequence. E point marked is earth connecting point. The housing is from high quality plastic. No maintenance and easy installation with snap on connectors. Safe voltage at test point and low operating current make the device safe and suitable.

Technical Information
  • Frequency - 50Hz/60Hz
  • Nominal System Voltage - 3.3 kv - 40 kv
  • Adaptive coupling element capacitance - 17pF - 150pF
  • Presence Indication > 45% Un min as per IEC
  • Electrical Insulation Level - 2000V / 1 min
  • Mounting Dimension of Indicator - 93mm *40mm *40mm
  • Operating Temp. - -200C to +800C, Relative Humidity - 95%
VPIS with Remote Contact

is a device to indicate High Voltage Presence in the system along with remote contact facility.

Voltage Presence Indicators