Solenoid Coil Assemblies

A Solenoidis a device designed to convert electrical energy into linear work. this can be either push or pull type.A magnetic field is generated within the solenoid by passing electrical current through the coil. The frame or shell surrounds the coil, providing a flux path. This result into magnet / plunger movement towards fix core. The magnet / plunger as per application is connected to the device. The force generated by the solenoid is directly proporation al to the ampere turn.

With our immense expertise, we have been able to offer a premium quality range of Solenoid Coil / assemblies. We design and develop the entire range of solenoid as per customer / client requirement. We offer a wide range of AC/DC solenoid assembly used in switchgear, RMU, capacitor switch devices, lift application, door locking and many customized applications.

C - TYPE 12 VAC/DC to 250 VAC/DC with 5% to 100% duty cycle 6 watt to 600 watt or as per customer specifications 11 & 33 KV Indoor, Outdoor, Circuit Breakers, RMU, PCVCB, Lift, Printing Machines Door Locking etc.
Solenoid Coil Assemblies