Local / Flag Indicators

Remote and Local Flag Indicators can be used to indicate internal fault of the system. Once fault occurs in the system will be indicated by this unit. With remote flag indicator fault can be visualized at remote location. There are two types namely – Local Flag Indicator and Remote Flag Indicator.
The device is tested at government approved lab for temperature rise test, sault spray test, endurance for 10000 operations, HV test of 2.5kv, vibration test.

Local Flag Indicator :

Operating voltage 16vdc to 24vdc. Device also operates with self-powered relays. Local Flag Indicator basically of set type and it is to be reset manually from panel. Compact size with clamp given for flush mounting on flat surfaces. Label with operating voltage, mfg. serial number and manufacturers name is provided.

Remote Flag Indicator :

Operating voltage 15vdc to 24vdc. Device also operates with self powered relays. For remote signaling 2NO + 2NC contacts of 10 A are available. Flag indicator basically of set reset type & have a facility to operate from remote place.

Violet Set Foult 7/36
Orange Reset Foult 7/36
Brown Common (2 Wires) 7/36
Blue Contact set - 1 common 14/36
Black Contact set - 1 normally open 14/36
Red Contact set - 1 normally close 14/36
Yellow Contact set - 2 common 14/36
White Contact set - 2 normally open 14/36
Green Contact set - 2 normally close 14/36
Local / Flag Indicators